If you’re not familiar with cannabis tinctures, you’re missing out. Packaging that fits right in your pocket and an included dropper for precision and micro-dosing are just the start of the benefits. Tinctures are wonderfully discreet, incredibly easy to use and require no extra equipment or expertise. There’s no mess, waste or smoke and you can choose from satvias, hybrids, indicas and high or low CBD and THC content.

Tinctures are fast acting and versatile. Taken sublingually, the cannabinoids are absorbed very quickly, reach the bloodstream without delay and deliver effects in as little as 15 to 30 minutes. All it takes is a few drops held under the tongue. Would you prefer to delay the onset of effects? Go ahead and add cannabis tinctures to your favorite foods or beverages. For questions, insight, recommendations and delivery, Information Entropy provides outstanding customer service.