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Lemon Butter #1
Lemon Puff x Peanut Butter Breath

Citrusy, gassy, and a little earthy this hybrid strain is chunky and green with undertones of purple. Starting the high as a hybrid sativa this strain begins super euphoric and uplifting, great for nausea and headaches but as the high progresses it slowly creeps into a more sedating high. Ideal for nausea, headaches, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety, this strain is an exceptional smoke for the daytime.

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Mandarin Zkittlez
California Black Rose x Mandarin Sunset

Citrusy, tropical, earthy, and with an undertone of gas, the Madarin Zkittlez surely is a sweet treat. Dense, light green and chunky, these big buds will surely get you up and moving! Prepare for flying sparks of creativity. Great for focus, creativity, euphoria, and energy this strain is definitely a daytime smoke.

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Purple Garlic
GMO x Oreoz

An indica dominant hybrid, this strain is well balanced and teeming with flavor. Beginning euphoric and relaxed, this strain takes users higher and higher before dropping them off into a state of hungry sedation. Ideal for patients searching for relief from chronic pain, depression, insomnia, inflammation, stress, muscle spasms, fatigue, and lack of appetite. As a result of limonene being the dominant terpene this strain provides a funky, musky, spicy garlic aroma with a peppery herbaceous taste.

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Grape Topanga
Grape Pie x Topanga Canyon OG

This even balanced hybrid is a great pick me up. Users be warned, this strain tends to be a creeper. Sneaking up and hitting users hard cerebrally bringing on a giddy euphoria. As the high lifts spirits higher and higher users can expect their body to fall into a relaxed lull. Ideal for users searching for relief from mood swings, depression, chronic pain,and insomnia. As a result of myrcene being the dominant terpene this strain produces a sweet, fruity, grape with a peppery spice.

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