The most well-renowned brands, popular strains, incredible terpenes, outstanding potency and ideal texture are represented on our shelves. The vivid green bud, bright orange hair-like pistils, potent aroma and plentiful crystal-like trichomes are proof of a maturely harvested plant. Oreoz, Zebra Piss, Sherb Cake, Scooby Cakes, Black Banana and Cherbet are just a sample of the fun flower options you’re going to want to try.

Are you shopping for a natural remedy, looking to relax, de-stress, socialize, boost energy levels, get a better night’s sleep, enhance creativity or mood? Our flower and singles, packs and infused pre-rolls are the ideal solution. A variety of THC and CBD percentages, quick onset of effects, consistent burn and impressive flavor profiles are not to be missed. With two dispensary locations in Ann Arbor, curbside pick-up and delivery in-town and out-of-town within a 30-mile radius, Information Entropy is always the best place to start.